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Cadenza in Freeport

As a professional piano tuner, I’ve had the privilege for several years of working at some the most beautiful music venues. Cadenza is nestled right in the heart of Freeport at 5 Depot St, and this venue attracts music lovers who come to enjoy live performances and the beauty of its Yamaha C7 grand piano.

From classical concerts to jazz nights, the musicians who grace its stage are some of the most talented and passionate. The piano itself is a magnificent instrument, and has been a centerpiece of the venue for many years. They take wonderful care of it. I have spent many hours tuning and caring for this beautiful instrument, and it’s well-loved by the performers who play on it.

Whether you are a music lover or simply appreciate the finer things in life, this venue and its piano are not to be missed. I highly recommend taking the time to visit and experience the magic of live music and the beauty of this magnificent instrument.

Here’s what they have coming up next.

Photo courtesy the Cadenza website and gallery.

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