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Casio PX-5S No Media Error

A customer recently came to me with a Casio PX-5S that displayed “Error: No Media” after booting, and which wouldn’t produce any sound.

The Problem

The customer had already researched the issue themselves, and they had determined they needed a firmware update. He’s not alone, and Casio helpfully provides the following message to those with similar struggles: “Well, we’re not 100% certain. […] Casio has worked very hard to try to replicate this problem on units that have exhibited this behavior and have never been able to replicate it.” (See their post on Casio Music Forums.)

The Solution

The firmware can be downloaded from my MEGA directory here, if you’re looking for the PX-5S firmware specifically.

Alternatively, you can download the zipped archive from Casio directly. You’ll need to extract it.

Once you have the “update.bin” executable file, either by downloading it directly from me or by extracting their archive, you’ll put that file into the root directory of a USB stick.

Note that the USB stick must be formatted FAT32—the keyboard cannot read NTFS or exFAT.

If you download from Casio, do not put the ZIP file on your USB. Only the “update.bin” file.

At that point, you can simply plug the USB stick into the keyboard, and the update will automatically begin. It takes about fifteen minutes.