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Moving FAQ

Who do I contact to move my piano?

There are two well-established piano movers here in Maine. Starbird Piano (call (207) 828-0888) and The Piano Mover’s of Maine (call (207) 939-3018), both of which are based in Portland. Both, in my experience, are willing to travel pretty far. Pricing for piano moving is quite variable, and you should have the following information ready: The location the piano is moving from and to; The number of steps at both locations; The size of the piano (length for a grand or height for an upright).

Do I really need a professional mover?

Pianos weigh many hundreds of pounds (about 400 for the smallest spinets and 1200 for the largest grands). They can also move unpredictably because of their often dramatically uneven weight distribution. Although moving a piano poorly could damage it, the real risk is to the people and environment. On a flight of stairs, a piano can quickly transform into an unstoppable battering ram leaving a path of devastation behind it.