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Latest FAQs and Articles

  • Nalbantov Floppy Disk Drive Upgrades
    I’ve recently started recommending customers with worn-out floppy disk drives upgrade them to so-called “Floppy Disk Emulators.” There are a couple of these on the market, but it looks like the easiest to use and most reliable is the Nalbantov USB Floppy Disk Emulator. I use these regularly in Yamaha Disklaviers, but they can also … Read more
  • Digital Keyboard FAQs
    One or more keys play at full volume even though I’m hardly pressing them! Keyboards use very sensitive contacts to determine how fast your pressing the key (or the velocity). A keyboard with dirty contacts (such as the one pictured below) will misjudge velocity, and will cause the key to play at incorrect or, often, … Read more
  • Disklavier Floppy Disk Backups, eSEQ and MIDI Formats
    Some of my customers choose to upgrade their older Disklavier’s floppy drive to a Nalbantov USB drive, and want to know how to copy songs from their old Disklavier floppy disks so they can put them on USB. Some of them just want to be able to backup their disks so they can make new … Read more
  • Nord Electro 3 Fuse Replacement and Voltage Change
    In 2022, I had a customer ask me how to change the voltage on his Nord Electro 3 from North American to European. I made this brief write-up to help him. This also includes how to replace the Electro 3’s fuse. If you’re a world traveler, this might be worth printing out and keeping in … Read more
  • Piano Teachers
    This is a (nearly) comprehensive list of local piano teachers here in Southern Maine. This list includes both teachers who work with you in-person, and also those who use remote teaching tools. Teachers who can travel to your home are marked with a black star (★), and teachers who can work with you remotely are … Read more
  • Seymour Bernstein’s Advice to Pianists
    I’ve had the honor of tuning Seymour Bernstein’s piano for several years. He shared with me this video, and I’d love to share it with my customers and the world from my platform here.
  • Resources
    These recommendations are based on the excited reviews my customers give me. This list is under continuous construction, and please reach out to me if you would like to add your favorite resource! See my contact page. Piano teachers  If you’re looking for a piano teacher, check out my Piano Lessons page for a list of … Read more
  • Dampp-Chaser Long-Term Humidifier Supply
    During the winter months, many clients leave the state of Maine. Their piano is left in Maine, which means there’s nobody to fill the Dampp-Chaser! This is a solution. My best estimate is that this system can supply a Dampp-Chaser with sufficient water for three months during the winter, or perhaps longer. Normally, they have … Read more
  • Evaluation FAQs
    I want to get my piano tuned, but is it worth tuning? If you want to schedule a time for me to come evaluate a piano, I’ll apply the cost of that evaluation towards the tuning if you decide to get it tuned at a later date. It’s free on Craigslist! Do I need to … Read more
  • Cleaning FAQs
    How do I clean my keys? Carefully! My favorite key cleaning solution is Cory Key-Brite, which is available on Amazon. It can also be purchased at Starbird Piano in Portland or through me. Lacking this, the actual keytops can be cleaned with a damp cloth, provided that the cloth is well wrung out. You don’t … Read more