2009 Yamaha GC1 (5’3′) w/ Disklavier DKC-800 – Alex's Piano Service

2009 Yamaha GC1 (5’3′) w/ Disklavier DKC-800

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Yamaha GC1 MSRP Today: $23,999 (without Disklavier)
Asking $17,900

I’m proud to be offering one of my very favorite makes and models of pianos! I’m selling this on behalf of a customer of mine.

Yamaha pianos are remarkably well-engineered, and this one has been excellently cared for. It has been minimally played, as demonstrated by the lack of significant indentation in the hammers—they look like they’re just a few days out of the factory.

I’ve tuned this piano twice annually for the last three years, and it’s been entirely problem-free. Tunings have been relative minor adjustments. If there are any questions about the health of the piano, I’m happy to answer them!

Yamaha Disklaviers are sophisticated player piano systems, and through Piano Radio can play music 24-hours a day. The pedals move and the keys actuate based on the performances of artists playing on other Disklavier pianos—the artist records their performance, and you get to play it back precisely as they performed it, seeing and hearing it played right on a grand piano in front of you!

If the piano is moved in my service area (all of Southern Maine), I will also include a free tuning, as well as correcting voicing and action regulation to the owner’s taste.

Contact me if you’re interested in setting up a viewing!