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Piano Lessons

Piano owners often tell me about their excellent piano teachers, frequently very enthusiastically. Others ask me if I can recommend anyone to teach them piano. This list is my attempt to merge the two!

I maintain this list by referral. Please contact me immediately if anything is out of date, or if you have a recommendation.

Thank you!

Teacher City
Arthur Melendy(207) 376-3376Facebook pagemainstreetmusicauburn@gmail.com Auburn
Matt Fogg(207) 837-2955 Bath
Ann Hartzler(207) 837-3416 Bowdoinham
Eric Peppe(207) 400-6011 Buxton
Christine Kissack(207) 780-5265christine.kissack@maine.edu Falmouth
Jacqui Savage(207) 232-9893Facebook page Falmouth
Sheila Knight(207) 839-6192 Gorham
Gorham School of Music(207) 839-3900Facebook pageinfo@gorhamschoolofmusic.com Gorham
Rhee MichelleFacebook pagerheemichelle@aol.com Gray
River Tree Arts(207) 967-9120Facebook pageinfo@rivertreearts.org Kennebunk
Barbara Fraser(207) 793-2103 Kennebunk
Marc P. Mailhot*(207) 420-7683service@marcopolomusic.biz Lisbon
Michael Beling(207) 939-7969Facebook page Portland
Nell Britton(207) 408-5197Facebook page Portland
Phyllis Leeke(207) 773-2523phyllisleeke@gmail.com Portland
Liz Manduca(207) 773-7012mark@manducamusic.com Portland
Carol Starbird*(207) 409-4841Facebook page Portland
Mesa Schubeck(207) 266-6621mesadai24@gmail.com Portland
Alice Peterson(207) 210-4214alicejpeterson@yahoo.com Portland
Eve Sawyer(207) 773-8741 Portland
Warren McPherson*Facebook pagewar85ren@gmail.com Portland
Patricia Jalbert(207) 934-1218 Portland
Dale Churchilldalechurchill@gmail.com Portland
Matt Fogg(207) 837-2955 Portland
Ron Johnson*(207) 799-3706collron2@gmail.com S. Portland
Kim Jamison(207) 206-6468Facebook pagenodmik@hotmail.com Sanford
Joel Pierce(520) 300-0652Facebook pagepiercepiano@gmail.com Topsham
Jennifer Day(207) 590-7910 W. Baldwin
Barbara Fraser(207) 793-2103 W. Newfield
317 Main St (207) 846-9559Facebook page Yarmouth
Marlene Wagner (734) 645-4129Facebook pagemar26wagner@gmail.com Yarmouth
T Will Huval*(207) 361-1069 York
Lori Gundlah(207) 363-5046gundlah@yahoo.com York

*Asterisks mark teachers who can travel to your home.

New Hampshire If you are in the southern reaches of York county, you should also consider traveling to Portsmouth Music and Arts Center.

Online courses I recommend using an in-person teacher whenever possible. However, if you cannot get to a teacher, live out of range of traveling teachers, or cannot afford personal instruction, then there are several different online teachers worth trying. I’ve received several excellent reviews for Hoffman Academy, who offers many free lessons and also has a subscription service that includes personalized instruction. I’ve also received excellent reviews for Warren McPherson, who has a suite of online classes and is also local to Greater Portland.