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Dampp-Chaser FAQ

Do Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems help with tuning stability?

I always recommend maintaining stable humidity in the room the piano resides in, first and foremost. This is, ultimately, the best possible solution for the piano, although in Maine this can be challenging. If this is not possible, the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System can protect the most vulnerable parts of your piano and assist with tuning stability.

Why do Dampp-Chaser system installation quotes vary so much?

The Dampp-Chaser is a retail product, sold through technicians. The technician acts as both the installer and the retailer. Aside from the initial price of the product and any delivery fees, the technician will add a retail markup (usually between 50-100%) and then add their install fee, which might be flat rate or hourly. Different technicians handle this pricing structure very differently, and you’ll see Dampp-Chaser quotes ranging widely. For your average upright, I’ve seen “installed prices” between $400 and $800. For regular tuning customers, I do not charge any markup (excepting to cover shipping), and add only the installation fee.